Who are we?

Short Introduction

Maria General- Founder of MG-Consultance

Maria General has not just given her initiales to MG-Consultance, she is the founder of MG-Consultance. She was born in Munich and is French, so she has always been surrounded by french-german culture , as well as languages.  This open- mindedness shows also in her career path , her path has a multicultural and international touch, she got a Bachelor degree in International Business and foreign languages (english,arabic,german,french)at the university Rennes 2 in France. Her Master in International Negotiation and Affairs at Université Lille 3- Charles De Gaulle gave the finishing touches.

Her Journey has led her to various european countries such as Finland, Russia, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg or Italy for example. This international Journey allowed her to acquire linguistic competencies as well as cultural, historical but also business competencies regarding the local economic specificities.

Her attention will be drawn to business and more particularly sales & marketing within companies.

MG- Consultance Founder , Maria General has been able to work more than 3 years in the IT-Industry ( Software, SAAS) in Frankfurt am Main ( Germany), where she had also the ability to gather knowledge in digital businesses and marketing. Her competences have been diversified when she worked for a big group from the food industry.

How did MG-Consultane come to life?

MG-Consultance was founded because of a rising demand from my professional network, lots of Sales Managers or Directors needed an outside view and input from a third Person regarding their sales processes and marketing processes and wanted to know how to adapt it abroad. My first customers and demands were from the network, MG-Consultance was seen as the expert regarding the french or german market specificities , implemeting new digital processes.

The demands came from small and medium sized companies mostly from the plattform-as-a service and IT Software companies but we can also help companies from the following sectors: e-commerce,finance, industry, retail.They all have one in common, they want to review their marketing or sales processes in ordert o export their goods and services to the french or german market.

We are here to help you optimize your processes thanks to an external point of view and to strategic input .

Et voilà, this is how MG-Consultance was born!