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MG Consultance- Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to help small and medium sized companies ( startups as well), who would like to expand or sell into foreign markets such as France or Germany . The idea behind is to help you adapt your processes to the specifity of each local market . As you know each country has ist cultural, economical and historical differences as well as the language barriere.These factors can act as obstacles in positioning your services and company into the market. This can also be an obstacle for selling and building a longterm brand on the market. We are based in Mainz , close to Frankfurt am Main but cover Germany entirely.


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

How do we help you achieve your goals?

We advise you and work very closely with you and your team from Marketing & Sales, we will determine a common strategy as well as your goals for the german or french market.

I will also for some customers apply a more digital approach, if it fits your need and future goals. We also start with analyzing your current situation and adapting it or redefining it thanks to individual concepts combining different techniques and according to the local market and the competitive position.

Since we do make individual and personalized concepts, we encourage a close partnership and work together.

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